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Bukalov A.V.

On the possibility of existence of the field forms of life

18 June 2015, by Aleksandr Bukalov

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Molecular structures create tensions in the vacuum fields and connect with the field forms of life. It is possible the existence of hierarchy of such structures, which forms the resulting geodesic trajectories of the non-equilibrium systems moving, including the biological ones, what is equivalent to the moving of this systems in super-field with the complicated geometrical structure, analogously to the description of the elementary particles moving not in the electromagnetic field, but in the space with the Finsler geometry. The field forms of life are in the Rindler vacuum with the negative temperature and density of energy, and their entropy corresponds to information in Minkovsky world. It explains the anti-entropic nature of consciousness and life.

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field forms of life, Rindler vacuum, Minkovsky space, negative temperature, information, entropy, thermodynamics of consciousness